Safety Tips
For Parents

1)  Never give out any personal information to any one you do not know.
    Kid's use fake name and never send out you picture to a strange, use clip art it         is much more fun. Create a family phase or friendly phase so that you will really       know the person who is typing on the other end really is that person.       

2)   Always have a home base. Know where to go if you get lost ( for example)     your room on WWW.12QA.com it is your safe haven. Make sure that you                 kids can find you from anywhere on the Internet, from any computer.

3)   Never make 12QA.Com your home page, teach you kids how to get to                     WWW.12QA.Com by typing it.

4)   Go surfing on the websites that your kids are surfing on.
      so you know what's out there.
5)    Know your Neighborhood.

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